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With The VideoNexa Marketing Video Apps At Your Disposal, You Can Create UNLIMITED Videos To Promote Your  Products, Services, Business, and That Of Your Clients.

 You can also create and sell marketing videos as a service  for huge dollars on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc. and keep 100% of you revenue while you smile to the bank.


Pay for the marketing video softwares once and use it forever. No monthly fee, no yearly, just one time payment.

With VideoNexa, Creating Stunning Amazing Marketing Video Is Easy And Affordable!

Create stunning and professional marketing videos that wow, engage & convert prospects into buyers In 3 EASY steps;

Select Template

Select from thousands of premium ready-to-use templates to create stunning marketing videos.

Customize It

Customize  the templates  to your taste with unlimited flexibility of changing text, colours, fonts, images, etc.

Render & Download Videos

Render and download your videos to  engage & convert prospects into buyers.

Have a look at the various marketing video  apps,along with their key features and capabilities…

Square Videos Ads is more popular now than ever.

Square videos and video ads are being posted on social media a lot more than the standard rectangular “YouTube-style” no.

Square videos provide a better viewing experience for mobile users!

And with Square Ads Wizard, it’s easy to create square videos, and even convert existing videos to square format - with just a few clicks!

You get a full array of tools and templates that makes creating winning square videos a total piece of cake, and a whole lot more!

With Whiteboard Wizard, you can create super-slick, attention-grabbing whiteboard videos.

Whiteboard videos are proven to increase engagement and boost sharing.

That’s why they’re everywhere!

You don't have to know a single thing about video creation!

They’re perfect for video promos, ad spots, mini-explainer and feature clips that you can add to other videos.

And with a collection of included templates, you can easily create a quality whiteboard video in a matter of minutes!

Healthcare Wizard app is loaded with video templates related to the health, wellness and the medical field.

This is one of the hottest niches online, you can instantly create videos for dentists, chiropractors, plastic surgeons, massage therapists, dermatologists and any other medical profession you can think of!

Medical professionals are in need of high quality videos that they can post online on social media and their website to drive traffic, leads, appointments and sales to their business.

you can provide video services to them and charge any fees.

Healthcare Video Wizard

Create stunning and amazing and catching intros-outros for your videos – in just minutes!

It has selection of templates, with a massive array of customizable elements.

So you can get exactly the look you want from your video intros and outros!

It’s proven that intros-outros grab and keep attention, as well as give your videos a more professional, high-end look.

Intro-Outro Wizard does all that, and a whole lot more!

Intro-Outro Wizard

You can create super-awesome video covers for your Facebook pages, as well as for your paying clients.

You can now replace those static, boring image covers with a super-slick video intro that will positively WOW your audience – quickly and easily!

Video covers are proven to increase likes, follows, visitor engagement, sharing, and traffic.

Use Cover Wizard to create eye-catching video covers and boost your FB pages’ visibility - while crushing the competition!

You can also make money from clients by creating video cover for them

With Realtor Video Wizard you can create high quality videos for for your Real Estate Business or real estate businesses within minutes using high quality video templates.

Real estate marketers and businesses requires a lot of videos to showcase their properties on websites and social media.

Now you can create these videos for them and charge them a monthly fee for your services!

Realtor Video Wizard

With Custom Video Wizard you can now easily improve an existing video with snazzy elements such as lower thirds, text animations, and other cool features?

You can add super-cool text effects, captions, and other eye-catching visual enhancements that can transform any dull video into a work of art!

Create ultra-long videos with no length limitations. You can even change the shape and/or orientation of existing videos, so they perform better on social media!

Custom Video Wizard is an excellent way to EASILY breathe new life into boring, dull, and non-performing videos, and a whole lot more!

Custom Video Wizard

With Story Wizard you can create beautiful, visually-rich Instagram and Facebook story videos, and with ease.

It is clear that video stories are dominating the social media world now.

With this super-easy-to-use app, you can tap into this glowing-hot medium to get more engagement, fans, leads and of course… sales!
You can use story video app to create story videos for your clients.

With Live Mockup Wizard you can add logos, images, and other graphical elements to live-action video scenes easily.

“Live Mockup Wizard" videos are a great way to create fun video/gif memes, catchy shorts, and other fresh video styles for viral content!

They’re proven to grab viewers’ attention like crazy, and deliver incredible results!

They're also a great way to leverage social media to build your brand while getting more website visitors, subscribers, and sales!

With Mockup Wizard, you can do all that, and more!

Live Mockup Wizard

Local Biz Video Wizard is made up of ready made video templates that you can use to create videos for Car dealers, electricians, travel agents, hair salons, mechanics and a lot more. Any business you can imagine, you can create professional videos for them in minutes.

Simply create the video in 30 seconds or less and send it to local businesses in your area.

You can charge a lot of money for quality animated videos like gurus. You can offer videos to these businesses for a little investment you are making to get this app.

Local Biz Video Wizard

Text Animator Wizard comes loaded with premium templates that you can use to instantly create high impact motion animation videos with animated text and effects just like the professional commercials you see online.

Creating animated videos with inbuilt text-effects and animations is super easy . These videos are in hot demand, so sell them on marketplaces like Fiverr, Upwork or directly to clients around the world for huge profits!

Text Animator Wizard

With Slide Wizard you can use slides, images, and other elements to produce super-slick video presentations .

You get total control over all elements and customization, with just a few clicks, drags, and drops.

You can even add your text, images, and other elements, any way that you desire.

Turn flat, boring "slideshow" presentation videos into highly-engaging pro-level presentations!

You can do more with Slide Wizard..

With VideoNexa You Can Create Amazing Videos Like These To Promote Your Business, Services, Products or Offer It As Services To Your Clients For A Fee.

What Customers Says

Charles Emmanuel


I Saved Money

Since i started using VideoNexa Apps, i have saved  a lots of money i do spend on freelancers at Upwork to create videos for me.

The last video i got from a freelancer, i paid the dude $500.

Now i can do the same thing by myself.

These are cool softwares and are extremely affordable..

Bayo Adeola

eCommerce Expert

Amazing Marketing Video Apps

VideoNexa apps are amazing.

 I can create different kind of videos in minutes such as social media videos, Facebook cover videos, whiteboard videos, 

sales videos , editing of custom videos and a lot more.

Creating videos is a breeze and anyone without any technical experience can make amazing videos. The possibilities are truly endless.

Blessing James

Founder of Video Hub

Making Money From My Video Agency

I now run my own Marketing Video Agency and Video Marketplace.

I use VideoNexa sofwares for my clients' projects.

I spent just one time fee and making unlimited videos and making cool cash.

I wish i have done this before now.

I now s

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100% Money Back Guarantee for 14-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing marketing video software, you can get a full refund anytime within 14 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Create Stunning Marketing Videos Or Start Marketing Video Agency And Cool Cash.

With VideoNexa Marketing Video Apps, you can create unlimited videos to promote your business. We can also help you set up your own Marketing Video Agency, make money and keep 100% of your income.

With the commercial license, you can sell the video you make to other business and smile to the bank.


Pay for the marketing video softwares once and use it forever. No monthly fee, no yearly, just one time payment.

Plus money

making opportunities to sell video services for profit.

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